Meet the Maker

Hi! I’m Amanda, the owner and creator behind Salt & Pine Co!
So what's my story? After working a handful of nine to five jobs and finding them utterly unsatisfying, I left the industry and started bartending, while trying out different creative outlets on the side. Between photography, woodworking, esthetics, and more, I knew I enjoyed these expressive activities, but none of them quite clicked for me. 

Around St. Patrick’s Day in 2019, friends from the bar I worked at wanted shirts for the holiday. I decided to dust off my Cricut, and began making shirts! I put a lot of time into creating a name for this business that truly embodied my favorite things, Salt from the ocean, pine from the trees; much like my favorite tee - where the ocean meets the pines. I then opened an Etsy, kicked off social, thus meeting the amazing maker community. Finally, something felt right. Something clicked for me that day. After that, I pursued heat vinyl transfer deeper, collaborating with other creatives in different mediums like woodworking and decorated shirts for their businesses. My printing side gig took off to the point where I had to put vinyl away and invest in screen printing to keep up with the quantity of orders. When the pandemic hit and all bars were shut down, I decided not to return and made Salt & Pine Co. my full time job. I no longer feel apprehensive in telling people what my full time career is and I am so excited to be on this journey with you. Whether you're here to learn or support my small business, I am incredibly happy to have you.

Thanks so much for supporting my small business journey!


xo Amanda