The Cricut Mug Press!

The Cricut Mug Press!

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Can you believe it? The Cricut Mug Press is finally available for purchase here! If you saw my post last week -- you know, I'm JUST as excited for this to now be in stores and online! I've had my eye on a mug press since I started my little crafting business. We all know vinyl gives you the unlimited options for customization, but we also know eventually it WILL peel off. Then along came infusible ink -- Cricut made it possible to customize both apparel and accessories in a completely permanent technique! To add mugs to that personalization is what really caught my attention.

The best part about it? Not only is it completely user-friendly but the design is so simple and appealing, it looks perfect on your desk in your craft room! With the Cricut Mug Press, its one-touch setting applies the optimal amount of heat and pressure -- No time, temperature, or pressure adjustments to make. Secure your mug in the press, and the machine does the rest!

Let's break it down!

  1. Simply upload your design into Cricut Design Space -- make sure to mirror your design when using infusible ink.
  2. Follow the mug template in Design Space to ensure proper alignment for your mug.
  3. Once your infusible ink is cut, weed out your design and peel back the tabs to help proper placement on your mug.
  4. Place your design on the mug making sure that it is securely wrapped around with no bubbles or lifts.
  5. Place your mug into the Mug Press with the handle facing you, ensuring it is centered within the opening.
  6. Simply press the clamp down and await the beep signal to sound before pulling the clamp back up -- remove your mug and allow to cool before removing transfer sheet.

-- You now have the perfect mug for anyone and any occasion – personalize a mug for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just because!

Key points to remember!

  1. Fits straight-walled Infusible Ink compatible mugs ranging from 11 oz – 16 oz without need for manual adjustment -- sold here!
  2. Dishwasher-safe designs permanently transfer to your mug
  3. Safety-conscious design and auto-off offer peace of mind.

With Cricut's endless amount of color variations with infusible ink including not only sheets but pens too -- you'll be crafting up the perfect mug in no time!

So... question is, what will YOU create?


This post was sponsored by Cricut.

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